The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

Our mission is to improve, modernize and maintain the street lighting system in Detroit.


Detroit relights neighborhoods at blazing pace

The lights are coming back on in the city’s neighborhoods. Detroit’s Public Lighting Authority is about six months ahead of its ambitious timetable to relight all…

(Photo: Todd McInturf/ The Detroit News)

neighborhoods by the end of the year. Officials say the installation of nearly... read more

Detroit street lights star in new TV commercial

Count Citicorp among those hoping a bit of Detroit's comeback magic rubs off on its national brand.The New York bank released a feel good commercial...

(Photo: Ryan Garza Detroit Free Press)

Schoolchildren are safer, families happier, neighborhoods taken back. read more

Spotlight on the News: Rebuilding Detroit's lights

On Sunday, February 1, Spotlight on the News gave an update the progress being made rebuilding Detroit's public lighting system.

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CEO Odis Jones and Board Chair Dr. Lorna Thomas... read more

Detroit streetlight repairs ahead of schedule

Detroit is ahead of schedule in fixing miles of broken streetlights, a visual emblem of the city’s decades-long decline that seemed to be...

(Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell Detroit Free Press)

The annual electric bill for all streetlights in Detroit is projected to drop to $3.4 million more