The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

Our mission is to improve, modernize and maintain the street lighting system in Detroit.


Public Lighting Authority achieves major milestones

DETROIT – The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit achieved two major milestones Tuesday in its mission to relight Detroit:

  • it has installed its 10,000th new LED street light and
  • it has closed on the $185 million bond issue that will finance the relighting of more

Detroit streetlight repairs ahead of schedule

Detroit is ahead of schedule in fixing miles of broken streetlights, a visual emblem of the city’s decades-long decline that seemed to be reinforced Tuesday by a sudden power outage that doused all traffic lights and darkened public buildings for several hours

(Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell Detroit Free Press)

The annual electric bill for all streetlights in Detroit is projected to drop to $3.4 million more